Port Alberni Karate
Port Alberni Karate
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Port Alberni Wado Kai Karate Club


Karate in the Alberni Valley

P.A. Wado Kai Karate club was established by Sensei Dennis Olsen in April 1987. Hundreds of martial arts enthusiasts have trained with our Dojo and dozens have achieved a black belt ranking within the Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation.


Our Team

Our Karate club has thrived through the decades thanks to our dedicated Senseis.


Sensei Ivan Olsen - Lead Instructor

Sensei Ivan Brings 30 years of experience training Wado-Kai Karate and other martial arts styles within Port Alberni and beyond. He achieved Shodan rank in 2000 and currently holds Sandan rank, 3rd degree black belt.

Left to right - Sensei Eric, Sensei Dennis and Sensei Ivan

Left to right - Sensei Eric, Sensei Dennis and Sensei Ivan

Sensei Dennis Olsen - Founder

Sensei Dennis began Port Alberni Wado Kai in 1987. His exuberant personality and passion for teaching have built a tremendous legacy in the Alberni Valley. He continues to share his wisdom with classes today. Sensei Dennis holds Rokudan rank; a 6th degree black belt.


Sensei Leona Dolling

Sensei Leona has been an instrumental leader, maintaining the club over the past decade. Her dedication to Wado Kai has been a benefit to all who have trained with her. She currently holds a Yodan rank; 4th degree black belt.